Bee Clean Car Washes of San Antonio

Our “Bee Hive” of Bee Clean Car Washes in San Antonio use the highest quality, most environmentally-sound car wash ingredients, such as:

  • Pre-Soak

    – We use a biodegradable alkaline solution which is extremely efficient in loosening and removing organic materials such as bugs, bird droppings dirt, sand, oil and grimy road film from the roadways of San Antonio and South Texas at the beginning the wash process.

  • Car Tire & Wheel Cleaners

    – A prime, concentrated cleaner which removes brake dust and dried on road grime from your tires and wheels. It’s applied multiple times in sequence with our wheel brush and high-speed blaster to break down dirt as well as adding a brilliant shine and protection to your rims and tires.

  • Car Wash Soaps

    – We use a mixture of PH-balanced, car body soaps that equalise the acidity and alkaline needed for a cleaner, shinier vehicle without harming your paint’s finish. This process provides the best “beading” and drying on the surface of your clear coat.

  • Triple Foam Polish

    – Three colourful, liquid pre-sealant paint polishes are used to bring out the best natural shine from your paint and prepare your clear coat for sealants and protestants in the process.

  • Hot Carnauba Wax

    –An added barrier to your clear coat with beading ability and a high gloss finish which protects your vehicle’s paint from the harmful effects of the harsh South Texas Sun’s Ultraviolet (UV) rays. This added barrier also prevents your paint from dirt, pollen and road grime picked up on San Antonio’s highways and byways.

  • Clear Coat Sealant

    – Our pre-sealant conditioners produce a thick, rich, colored foam which covers the waxing process and sealant application. Our premier clear coat sealant is a long-lasting repellent that provides an additional layer of UV “sunscreen” and water-resistant protection against the elements we deal with in San Antonio and South Texas. Iridescent brighteners also enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

  • Total Body Paint Protectant

    – Contains iridescent brighteners, UV protection and advanced brightening polymers that bond to your vehicle, producing a smooth surface and increasing your vehicle’s gloss and water wicking ability. It also helps to clean and protect your brakes from road grime and road chemicals.

  • Drying Agents

    – This process causes water to break faster for the drying process, resulting in a quickly dried vehicle.

  • Wheel Bright Tire Dressing

    – Provides you with the best polymer-based tire shine after cleaning the rubber and enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.

  • Plus

    – All the amenities you would expect from our superior Bee Clean Car Wash tunnels in San Antonio such as reverse osmosis, spot-free rinse, 100 HP drying blowers upon exit to repel water faster and, of course, our FREE vacuums and FREE tire air!

At Bee Clean Car Washes of San Antonio, we want you to have the best car wash experience possible. We offer an array of different car wash packages with a full-service car wash package available at our Hwy. 281 and Evans Rd. location. This specific package also offers interior and exterior car detailing from our crew. To learn more about our drive-thru car washes in San Antonio and surrounding areas, please visit car wash packages and prices, gift cards, monthly wash club memberships on this website.

Be sure to visit Bee Clean Car Washes of San Antonio soon. You’ll be glad you did!

Bee Clean Car Wash #1
16422 Nacogdoches Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78247

Phone: (210) 650-9399

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Bee Clean Car Wash #2
21040 US Hwy 281 North (@ Evans Rd.)
San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (210) 481-6299

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This Location ONLY: Full Service and 3-Minute Express
Bee Clean Car Wash #3
13011 Silicon Drive
San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (210) 641-1010

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Bee Clean Car Wash #4
5810 Village Park (@ Culebra)
San Antonio, TX 78250

Phone: (210) 971-7744

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Bee Clean Car Wash #5
2244 FM 3009,
Schertz TX 78154

Phone: (210) 973-5599

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Bee Clean Car Wash #6
2827 Olmos Creek Drive
San Antonio, TX 78230

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Bee Clean Car Wash #7
926 N Loop 1604 W
San Antonio, TX 78232

Phone: (210)455-8403

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Now Open
Bee Clean Car Wash #8
715 Fillmore Drive,
San Antonio, TX 78251

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