The Details on Car Detailing

It’s easy to identify with a driver’s love for their car, by how often they restore and recondition their “baby” using methods such as car detailing and car washes. A car wash in San Antonio means protecting your car from bugs, pollen, UV rays and even more! Car detailing means […]

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Bug Effects on a Car Paint

It is the middle of summer which means road trips! That involves a lot of driving when temperatures are at their highest here in San Antonio.  When the temperatures are at their highest or just the little bit of warm, its bug season! When you’re driving, you will expect to […]

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4 DIY Car Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, cleaning your car can be a huge drag. Once you finally get it clean, it usually only stays clean for a couple of days. We’ve come up with a few simple, easy DIY ways to cut through the built-up grime and dirt and get your car sparkling! […]

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It’s What’s on the ‘Interior’ That Counts!

Did you know the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving? That means that most of us spend almost 2 hours of every day stuck behind the wheel! That’s a lot of time spent in our vehicles. When we have hectic schedules, we pack everything in our car to […]

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What’s With The Pollen?!

Itching, sneezing, watery eyes. You know the drill. That’s right! Spring has sprung! That means blooming flowers and the life of many trees. Also, hay fever. What is hay fever you ask? Hay fever is an allergy that causes the membranes of the eyes and nose to become inflamed and […]

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