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Posted: 8 July 2018

Car Wash San AntonioIt’s easy to identify with a driver’s love for their car, by how often they restore and recondition their “baby” using methods such as car detailing and car washes. A car wash in San Antonio means protecting your car from bugs, pollen, UV rays and even more! Car detailing means is almost the same, just for the inside of the car!

Car detailing is a broad term, which includes the thorough cleaning of the vehicle using specialized tools and products. Even slight cosmetic touch-ups are a part of the process and can alter the look and feel of the car. In a diverse area like San Antonio, where we deal with pollen, bugs, and sand from visits to the coast- car detailing is very important.

Are Car Wash and Car Detailing the Same?

For most of the people, the difference between a car wash and car detailing is insignificant. However, all the car owners should invest in the both to keep their vehicle in the best condition.

That being said, a car wash only covers a fraction of vehicle cleaning and the results achieved are included in the car detailing process.

Car wash refers to the basic facility of cleaning the exterior and sometimes the interior of a car, to remove the debris. As opposed to this, car detailing takes the process further beyond and ensures a brand-new look of the vehicle.

The process gives the vehicle a show-quality polish and can be performed both on the vehicle’s exterior and interior parts. When you go in for the process, your car will be fit to appear in a showroom. It’s evident that this is an exhaustive activity and can take up to several hours.

Let’s look at different steps of the car detailing process:

  1. Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior car detailing refers to a particular part of the car detailing process. It involves washing off and removing the dirt, debris, scratches, and marks on a vehicle.

Along with this, the wheels of the car and the existing coat of paint are given a pleasant makeover before adding the finishing touches. The entire car sparkles like a beauty after this first process.

  1. Interior Car Detailing

Opposite of exterior detailing, the interior includes cleaning and polishing of the glass (from the inside) and thorough cleaning of the interiors by vacuuming and sometimes shampooing. Carwashes use special cleaners to get rid of dirt, dust, and debris for different types of surfaces inside the car such as the dashboard, air vents, panel seams, radio buttons, safety-belt and buckles, glove compartment, leather trim, carpet, and upholstery.

  1. Optional Step – Engine Detailing

Engine detailing is a step generally ignored by many of the car owners, but it does play an important part in boosting the performance of the car in the long run. It helps in identifying the problems of the engine and corrects the same to protect the vehicle in a much better way ultimately.

Pro tip: Know what you want out of a detailing and shop around- find out what different carwashes can get done.


The cars we drive say a lot about us, and it comes as no surprise that car detailing in San Antonio is ‘hitting the road’ at full speed! We hope that the pointers mentioned above gave you a brief idea about the entire detailing process. Remember to keep Bee Clean in mind when looking for a car wash. We offer free vacuums and bug prep, and have 4 locations that are dedicated to helping you!

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