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Where to Find the Best Car Wash in San Antonio

Finding the right car wash for you can seem like it will take time. Stop trying everyone close to your home and wasting money when you do not think you got the best wash for your car! If you are tired of hand cleaning your car then look for the […]

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3 Reasons to Use a Drive Through Car Wash

It is important to keep your car clean, why not save time and water while doing so? Using a drive through car wash can help you and your car with so many things. You can get so many different wash packages that can include wax, tire shine, air dry, underbody […]

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The Steps to a Tunnel Car Wash

Most people own a vehicle and enjoy driving it. They also enjoy keeping it clean. Car washes have remained popular for over centuries. Here is some information on what a tunnel car wash is and how it works to clean and get your car looking shiny! Step 1. Put in […]

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Headlight Restoration Tips

Headlights are essential when you are driving at night and even driving during the day! It is one of the indicators for a car. If the headlights are foggy or hazy, then it can be more dangerous for you and other drivers out on the road. Getting completely new headlights […]

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Tips on Checking Tire Pressure in Your Car

Proper checkups and maintenance on your car ensure you are safe and your car is running smoothly. It is not just for your safety, but for others driving as well. One of the most important checkups and maintenance that is often overlooked by drivers is checking the pressure of your […]

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Bee Clean Gives Back

Bee Clean Car Washes: San Antonio, TX (July 5, 2018) – Bee Clean is dedicated to giving back to the community. Every time a customer purchases a wash with Bee Clean, the change is donated to St. Jude’s Research Hospital. This year, St. Jude’s announced that Bee Clean Car Washes […]

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3 Makings of a WaterSaver

During the summer in San Antonio, our water restrictions can get pretty harsh. The dry months combined with the intense heat dries the water up fast. These restrictions put in place mean that car washes now must follow different standards. In 1997, the Southwest Car Wash Association partnered with the […]

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Car Organization Tips for the School Year

As the school year is coming up, it is essential to keep your car organized, especially when you have people go in and out of it! Sometimes as the day goes on, clutter can start to form either from you or your passengers. There are many DIY organization tools you […]

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The Effects of UV Rays on a Car

UV rays come from the sun and cannot be seen with the human eye. They are not only dangerous to skin, but they can cause harmful effects on cars as well. The sun and heat can be very damaging to the interior and exterior of a car. Interior air temperatures […]

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21040 US Hwy 281 North (@ Evans Rd.)
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13011 Silicon Drive
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5810 Village Park (@ Culebra)
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2244 FM 3009,
Schertz TX 78154

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2827 Olmos Creek Drive
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