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Benefits to Keeping a Clean Car

Running late for work? On a road trip with your best buddies? Taking a long drive with your sweetheart? In all the three circumstances, the one thing that is common is eating in the comfort of your car. However, eating on the go can prove to be costly for you […]

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College Trek: Tips on Road Trips and Car Maintenance

Taking a road trip is an adventure, especially when you are on your way to college! There are the many nerves and excitements that come along with traveling to college, and the last thing to worry about is your car. You depend on it to get you to your destination, […]

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How Vacuuming Can Help Your Car

When you choose to vacuum your car, you are helping the inside. You can remove hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, and things you did not even know were there! You and your passengers can enjoy the comfort and cleanliness when you are going for a ride. To get all these benefits, […]

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It’s What’s on the ‘Interior’ That Counts!

Did you know the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving? That means that most of us spend almost 2 hours of every day stuck behind the wheel! That’s a lot of time spent in our vehicles. When we have hectic schedules, we pack everything in our car to […]

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What’s With The Pollen?!

Itching, sneezing, watery eyes. You know the drill. That’s right! Spring has sprung! That means blooming flowers and the life of many trees. Also, hay fever. What is hay fever you ask? Hay fever is an allergy that causes the membranes of the eyes and nose to become inflamed and […]

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